August 2019

Nupur Das grew up and obtained his medical degree (MD) in Chittagong, Bangladesh. After working for a few years as a clinician, he went to Jawaharlal Nehru University, India to pursue a Ph.D. in molecular medicine. With his longstanding passion for studying  iron metabolism, he was able to secure a postdoc position at the University of Michigan.

What was your route to the bench? What helped you reach your position?
I have a longstanding passion for studying iron metabolism in vertebrates as well as microbes. I met my current mentor on a conference and I was already very excited about his research strategy and achievements which also matched my research interests. So, I expressed my interest to work with him and eventually became a member of his team.

Were there times when you failed at something you felt was critical to your path? If so, how did you regroup and get back on track?
There were many times I had faced failure and felt demotivated. I have tried my best to stay focused and keep my motivation alive by continuing hard work and by not giving up. All I needed to eventually find a novel question to address that is relevant to contemporary medicine.

Any advice to incoming UMich postdoc?
I would only urge to be kind, patient and thankful to whatever the situation life may bring to you.