Postdoc Spotlight

The UMPDA wants to provide an opportunity for postdocs to share their research and volunteer experiences as being a UM postdoc. The monthly Postdoc Spotlight will feature an interview with the postdoc on the UMPDA website and is shared with a diverse audience via the UMPDA social media platforms.

Additionally, selected postdocs will have the opportunity to give a 25 min presentation about their topic of choice at our monthly lunchtime Postdoc Spotlight Seminar. The talk may cover their work as a researcher at UM or activities outside academia.

Postdoc Spotlight Seminar:

  • Postdocs featured by the UMPDA Spotlight will give a 25 min presentation with 10 min for discussion
  • The presentation can cover any topic and can be freely chosen by the Postdoc depending on its experiences and activities at the University or outside the campus.
  • Lunch will be provided.
  • Location will rotate through Central, Medical, and North campus as announced every month.


All UM postdocs are welcome to submit their application or nominate other postdocs to be selected for the monthly spotlight. Postdocs will be selected by the UMPDA Spotlight committee and asked to be featured on our website. Of course, postdocs have the choice to decline invitation if chosen. Nominations will be open year round and each nomination will be in consideration for six months.

If you like to apply or nominate another postdoc to be considered for the UMPDA Postdoc Spotlight, please, complete the nomination form.

For any further questions, please contact David Goyer ( and Sundaresh Ram (

February 2020 – Garry Sotnik

August 2019 – Nupur Das

Juli 2019 – Priyan Weerappuli

June 2019 – Lisa Abernathy Close

May 2019 – Zibei Chen

April 2019 – Chris Halbrook

March 2019 – Laura Smithson