University of Michigan Postdoctoral Family Association

The UMPDA recognizes that postdocs who have children/dependents are often far away from familial support and face challenges (financial, childcare access, mental health support, etc.) that can impact their productivity and training experience.  The UMPDFA is committed to serving the needs of this vital population during this critical time of career development.

The mission of the UMPDFA

1) Advocate for access to institutional support and resources to meet the unique needs of postdoctoral researchers with children/dependents
2) Accommodate the participation of postdocs with dependents in relevant training and career development activities
3) Cultivate community among the families of postdoctoral researchers and facilitate supportive networks of parents/caregivers and parents-to-be


Ariangela J. Kozik
Ari is a postdoc in the Department of Internal Medicine – Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care. Her research focuses on the role of the respiratory and gut microbiome in asthma. Aside from her research, she is passionate about promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in academia. She is especially committed to advocating for graduate students and postdocs who are parents. As mom to a future engineer, she spends her time outside of lab picking up Legos.

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