Professional Development Award

The UMPDA provides awards of up to $250/each to support Postdoctoral Research Fellow career development through professional learning, training, and membership opportunities. Applications will be accepted Feb 01, 2022 – Feb 28, 2022 for professional development occurring between Jan 1st – Jun 30th, 2022. Apply here!

We recognize the value and importance of participating in annual conferences and meetings, and also the real need for financial support to pursue activities that aid postdocs to widen their professional realm.


  • Must be a current Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Michigan at time of application and at the time of the professional development activity
  • Awarded funds may only be used for approved professional development activities


To complete the application, please prepare the following:

  • Information about the professional development costs & specifics (dates, website, etc)
  • Other sources of professional development funding
  • A general list of other professional development activities/costs in the past year
  • A short paragraph (200 words max) explaining how this professional development activity/cost will benefit your development as a Postdoctoral Fellow

Factors Affecting Decision

  • Previous attendance or access to professional development activities: Priority will be given to Postdoctoral Fellows who participated in fewer professional development activities (outside of conferences) in the past 12 months. Higher consideration will also be given to postdocs who have paid out of pocket to participate in professional development activities.
  • Other sources of funding: Because this is a need-based award, priority will be given to applicants with fewer sources of professional development support
  • School/College and Department: Units that have not received UMPDA awards in the current year will receive higher priority
  • New awardees: Participants who have not received UMPDA or Medical School (OGPS) Postdoc Awards in the past will have higher priority

Award Receipt

  • Following review, the UMPDA Postdoctoral Affairs Committee will contact the selected applicants
  • Award winners will need to confirm award acceptance and receive their funds through reimbursement after submitting receipts.


Please contact the UMPDA Postdoctoral Affairs Committee