Postdoc Appreciation Week

2019 Postdoc Appreciation Week at UM:

09/16 (Mon) – UMPDA Networking Lunch, 12-1:30 pm, Rackham Building, Assembly Hall (Fourth Floor)

09/17 (Tue) – OGPS Postdoc 180/Department-specific events
09/17 (Tue) – Postdoc180 is a competition within the Medical School and challenges postdocs to present their scientific research in 180 sec with
09/17 (Tue) – one static slide to a non-expert audience

09/18 (Wed) – UMPDA Pizza and Painting, 4-6 pm (location TBD)
09/18 (Wed) – Grab a piece of pizza and a brush and follow our artist teacher walking you step by step through replicating a piece of art. All levels
09/18 (Wed) – welcome/no experience required/material provided

09/19 (Thu) – UMPDA Coffee Hour with MPACE, 9-11 am, Climate and Space Research Building (CSRB), Room 2249
09/19 (Thu)Self Defense Physical Skills Workshop sponsored by UM Division of Public Safety & Security, 10-11:30am (location TBD)
09/19 (Thu) UMPDA Social Hour, 6-9pm, Ashley’s, 338 South State Street

09/20 (Fri) – UMPDA Family and Friends Picnic, 5-8pm, Burns Park